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I know it's gonna be hard for him to realise (if at all) but he got himself traped in a situation like 12414 men before him and i was showing a simple way out - which sounds silly at first but actually isn't.Actually - Thayer pal.. just kill the §"§% - it has nothing to do with hate but with making sure your ass gonna be safe.

And you even described his "problem" more in your answer pointing out that
'love' comes before everything else and i was trying to point out that he shouldn't forget about himself while he is at it - to bad he can't hear me.

Oh! and now he even sees her as his redemption - great more selfdestruction please.

And to answer your question - no i can't - i enjoy my life (even if its difficult at times) and am happy with myself and i learn as i go.

I fear we can't go on like that on a game forum

So back on topic - Thayer realise that you are a frustrated chump, get rid of the need of redemption and fianlly become a man not a pussy - she is kicking your ass(ironfist does) and you run and hide uuh cmon.

Oh no i don't mind all this sooo sad heartbreaking romantic clishees.. but you know atm i prefer the hero who wtfpwnz all , have troubles deciding which woman he actually wants from the 1000 candidates,is a cocky and funny jerk, and got the biggest sword.

But good news! - many many more men can identify themselves with a man like Thayer(looser - flees into work ) than my hero(gets what he wants) so ..
Vasili Gaidukevic

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