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hmmm the battle commanders posting up heeyah must have aced their academy training...I hadn't really thought about/integrated passive boni like more criticals, better to hit, etc...

I just concentrate on rate of fire/DPS and energy regen/leech. I want things to begin to die as I hit paired or tripled the mapped keys, the EMPS *instantly* damage everything around...and I just need to time the reload rate closely to fire as soon as they are ready again.

I also..just...cannot...give up those highly leveled crew members in those light slots I like to bus around. not sure how I would integrate passive bonus strategy in there. I guess I will have to lay someone off.

Finally, why EMPs still rule for me: these beauties take up *medium slots* not heavy slots...that is huge for my early ship builds.

...and hoping a certain very active developer doesn't peek here and think hmm what about a boss monster or two that uses dual EMPs themselves? well then my fighter squadron would then be toast wouldn't it? we cannot have that, obviously. players would RAGE, well no. And an EMP trap or two would be totally unfair as well. we cannot have that either.

Now making midships turn and veering off topic: by the way there is that neutral ship class that fires the triple missile salvo (that does almost no damage in early game) there a player weapon system like that? that would make a missile system more attractive to me if it had some punch...
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