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Smile Depths of Peril vs Din's Curse! (Questions)

I recently bought Din's Curse and the expansion. Absolutely love it! I tried the demo for Drox Operative and Depths of Peril. I think all of the games by Soldak are very creative.

I'm trying to get a good idea of the differences between Depths of Peril and Din's Curse.

Depths of Peril seemed a lot slower than Din's Curse (combat). And it seemed like DoP has an open world instead of dungeons, is that correct? And instead of saving a town like in DC, you kind of compete against NPC tribes to be the best at PvE?

Din's curse seems to focus on dungeon crawling and tons of loot, does Depths of Peril have as much loot? (DC has like 8 different rarities of items, its so awesome)

If anyone wants to sum up what the main differences are between DoP and DC, I would appreciate it. Din's Curse demo was an instant sell for me, but DoP and Drox, I might hold off, not sure they are my thing yet. (I will admit, I didn't give the demos much time for both DoP and Drox.) Thanks for any information.
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