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Default Upcoming changes in version 0.818

  • fixed drop box current selection moving when box is open (Foogsie)
  • fixed status effect locations (Kurama Kitsune/They Live/gou)
  • multiplayer and drox quest icons no longer overlap (Foogsie)
  • moved broken/unhappy icons on main game screen down a little to not overlap multiplayer player health bars
  • now automatically pause if you have used a controller and it is unplugged
  • now can recognize a controller plugged in while game is running
  • fixed joystick button names not being translated correctly on widgets
  • added twin stick option
  • dpad on controller now moves mouse to next clickable widget in the specified direction
  • changed A button to be same as left click (basically select)
  • changed left stick click to bring up quest menu
  • changed B button to be escape/cancel
  • changed back button to relations screen for now
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