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Default Would it be possible to allow keybinding to the mouse wheel?

While playing Titan Quest during the last year, I discovered that I could bind two skill slots to the mouse wheel (up & down). This essentially gives me a seven button mouse which has completely changed the way I play most games.

Today I was thinking about playing Drox again when I realized that it doesn't allow actions to be bound to the mouse wheel. Currently the mouse wheel is restricted to scrolling skills and zoom. Since these two actions already have other default keybinds I think it would be more useful to allow any action to be bound to the mouse wheel.

Would it be possible for you to change this?

I would really like to bind "Use Slot 3" to mouse wheel up and "Use Slot 4" to mouse wheel down so I can easily use four weapons. Of course, it would be great if this change was implemented in all the other Soldak games as well.
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