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Ideas for Future Changes
  • Add Jars to Food and Drink vender.
  • Reduce tornado damage a bit, up to 50% less. (Tornadoes feel like the most devastating thing that can happen to a town, with barbarians being a close second.)
  • Change staves to intelligence based (Not sure if I can do that in this game though). I wanted to add a "battle staff" type weapon that still used dexterity and only have damage based bonuses.
  • Add more magic bonuses to one handed maces to mace magic users more viable. (like mana regen, casting speed, etc).
  • Add poison and lightning bombs along with the fire and ice ones.
  • Reduce damage from the reflected damage, specially the homing bolts.
  • Slow down the summoning skills from Vortar Guardians and Litches.
  • The skills that are based on enemy level (like Ice Mage's Ice Prison) seem to loose effectiveness as the player levels, I wanted to maybe do something about that.

I'm not sure how to implement these yet, if you have advice on how I'd love to hear it!
  • Show Health, Mana stones, and gates on the map with unique icons.
  • Reduce stun duration from 3 seconds to 2. (I've not found where this stat is kept yet)
  • Reduce crit chance slightly (I'll probably have to do this by reducing the monsters base intelligence stat.)
  • Change boosting spells that only affect the player to passives so you don't have to cast them (like Paladin's health regen or Druid's Barkskin). (How do I completely replace a skill with a mod?)

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