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Default Upcoming changes in version 0.820

  • fixed crashing in map if you try to add a waypoint (Isaac/Eris Shrugged)
  • moved map key & race list farther to side of screen
  • fixed planet worth
  • changed graphics string code to an enum
  • now can put race icons in text
  • race list on map screen now show race icons
  • changed system name to have race icons along with color coding
  • added race icon to race relation list when highlighting a race icon/portrait
  • changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 96
  • added an icon for home planet
  • you can now click on race icon or portrait on planet screens to go directly to race relation screen with that race
  • now show race icons almost everywhere race name is displayed
  • now if you have a non-aggression pact or better, race ships will generally tell you what they are doing
  • now if you have a mutual protection pact or better or are overload, race ships will specifically tell you what they are doing
  • now if have a high enough treaty with a race getting planet status will tell you that planet's rank on food, mineral, tech, and credits production and worth
  • put icons next to final line end on power comparison screen so much easier to tell which line is which
  • added race icons to power ranking bars
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