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Originally Posted by Kitsuna View Post

I'm new to DC (Loving it) and messing around with hybrids currently, I have read alot of posts about good/bad hybrids. However I would like some clarification on something.

Many talk about defensive/offensive classes. While some are obvious and this may seem like a dumb question. Could someone possibly tell me which classes are defensive and which are offensive? Also some help with identifying strength and finesse fighters would be great. Again sorry if this seems like an obvious answer.

Also it would be very useful if there was a list somewhere of the world modifiers and their effects, I have looked but can't see one.

Thanks in advance

p.s this forums is great.
This only addresses some of what you ask, but it might help a little:

And this is from Soldak's site which also may help some:

If you've already seen this information already, sorry. And I'm not very sure your other points can be answered. Maybe Shadow or Bluddy can answer them.
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