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If you mean which skill trees are offensive or defensive in nature, the best way is to just browse the different skill trees when making a Hybrid.

Skill trees like Weaponmaster and Fire Mage are obvious choices for offense. Various ways to do damage.

The Trickster skill tree could be considered a defensive one. It has two skills, Dodge and Evasion, to increase defensive stats.

One thing to also take note of is the passive traits at the top of each skill tree. Trickster gives .8 defense per point of dexterity, while Thief gives 1.3 defense per point of dexterity. Thief also has a skill that simply gives you more dex on top of whatever stat points you put into dex. So, Thief is a skill tree with some defensive traits.

Another thing that's a personal preference of mine is to have some ability to do ranged damage. Many barrels and locked doors can be trapped. There's also those mushrooms that release poison clouds. I'd much rather bash those things from a distance. Rarely, you can have such things blocking hallways.
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