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Any of the hybrids can be defensive and still powerful or vice versa. I like to think of class types as this-

Take an Assassin/Warden as an example. You can raise your stats with 2 strength, 1 dexterity and 2 vitality every lvl and have a barbarian/brute fighter that is a high damage dealer and still a tank with shields and wards and such.

Or you could put 1 into strength, 3 into dexterity, and 1 into vitality for a more finesse fighter that has high chance to hit/be hit, high deep wounds and overall more survivability.

The stats you get per level affect everything and really have unlimited choices. You could add 1 to strength, 2 to dexterity, 1 to vitality and 1 to intelligence for a critical hit fighter like I did in Depths of peril for my rogue.

The choices go on. I was thinking of making a spirit based fighter for a hybrid. Of course shadow would probably need to add stunning percentage with function to spirit. Either way the choices are still limitless.
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