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Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
It looks like Linux might be about 3% of our sales. From a profit standpoint it probably has not worked out, but I think supporting Linux is nice for other reasons (open OS, don't like the direction Windows/OSX are going, good community, etc).

Unless I changed to a new engine that didn't have Linux support or radically changed the current engine, there really isn't a reason to drop Linux support. I've already done the hard work.
I wish the numbers were greater. As a Linux-only gamer, I am grateful for your efforts to support Linux.

Here's another thought: How many windows purchases were made by friends of Linux gamers, who recommended the game to their Windows-using friends? I just recommended it to a friend of mine, and have spoken highly of it in the past. I streamed it on Twitch a few times. I wouldn't be surprised if supporting Linux actually has a slightly higher return than is known.
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