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Originally Posted by Nitrox View Post
Greetings, I just purchased the Mac version and notice that the game is utilizing 100% CPU a good portion of time. So much so, that the laptop case above the keyboard gets almost too hot to touch.

This is on a Macbook Pro 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.

I love the game but I'm concerned with long term play and the health of my hardware.

Hi, Dave,

I've played DoP on a MacBook Pro, a dual G5 Power Mac, and an Intel-based iMac. I had a similar experience on the notebook -- fans that normally run at 2K RPM were reaching 6K RPM! & I was literally sweating just sitting in front of it. However, according to iStat Pro, the GPU diode was approaching 160*F. It wasn't the CPU but the GPU that was causing the heating issue. Unfortunately it seems to be a pretty common phenomenon with gaming on laptops. I lowered the samples and filtering in Graphics prefs and that helped some.

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