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Originally Posted by Bzzatah View Post
Isn't being able to use a component without the requirements an exploit? I'd like to know the most powerful build without having to exploit.
I do not think that it is an exploit, because

(1) It is perfectly realistic - you do not need your mechanic on the passenger seat just because you've installed a bigger downpipe or added an intercooler.

(2) It seems that the game is designed for it - you need more than 90% of the available skill points to reach some hulls, and you have a clear distinction between passive and active components.

(3) There are game mechanics that penalize using components without the requirements - they would not have been added if it was an exploit.

(4) Shadow has been asked whether it was exploit, and I understood what he said to mean that it was not.

As for the best build, you should not be looking at Squishy. Squishy is designed with a very heavy handicap: Command Zero is very hard to pull off.

The best build without using passive components for which you do not have the requirement is Command 460 / Tactics 45 on a Scavenger ship, with crew and skill components permanently mounted that bring all of your stats over 150. I do not have such a ship, but I could reconfigure the Big Bad Brunt if you want to see that it is possible before you try it with a Scavenger.
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