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Default Game freezes while in map interface

When playing the game, opening and using the map interface often (but not always) cause the game to freeze/become unresponsive for a 5 - 10 seconds.

I can reliably replicate this simply by starting the new game and alternating between system and galaxy map. I uninstalled the game, and re-installed it on my SSD drive, but the issue persists. Creating a new ship did not help either.

I have no issues while in the normal game view. I have played for roughly 4 hours. I have experinced on crash, but that might have been due to alt tabbing and trying to see if something else was using the computers resources.

I bought Drox Operative from Gamers Gate, and I have installed the 1.031 patch. I have experienced this issue both with patched and unpatched (1.000) version of the game.

I do have Avira antivirus running, which I suppose might cause the issue, but I'd rather not deactivate it even as a test.
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