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I tried, Hunter/Healer.

No other clans, Loner, No zombies, Fast Paced, No siege.

Basically a "normal" setting for me, just a hack'n'slash game, go kill named mobs, claim the reward from the Quest system.

With the mod,

At level 3 i had already more bags i could care about
At level 4 i was full Rare equipped (yellow loot).

I went from level 1 to level 8 without any effort, only with Serated Arrow, no need for healing. Only at level 1 or 2 i used potions in large packs, but then, nothing.

Now completely don't care about the loot even from boss or gold chest, because everything is "rare", so nothing is. I found one Purple, and two same cape from a set, but not for this toon.

I'm just running and killing, trying to see something in the overwhelming loots dropping all the time, mostly catching only the money and craft parts, and from time to time i loot only to use the Crafting Station.

So, not so fun overall. Too much everything, means nothing is remarkable.
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