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Default My Mods

Alright, I figured I would make a post that has all of my mods conveniently in one place. Surprised I never did this way back when but hey, better late than never!

mod_3SkillHybrids_Exp1 - The new version of the 3 Skill Hybrid mod for Zombasite's expansion. Only real change was the size of the text, text boxes, and placement of said boxes. Now it makes it so you can easily see what the skill tree names are without going to the hybrid selection or clicking the numbers.

mod_NoXPDebt - Removes the experience debt when you die.

mod_SkillUntrainCost0 - Removes the fee to take points away from skills.

mod_ItemReqOverride - Removes all stat requirements for equipment.

mod_HealerCape - Adds a Cape equipment skill to the Healer skill tree.
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