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If you're playing that way, warrior probably is the way to go. Top skills are the mastery and focus skills in any case, i think.

Oh, and use plate.

I personally flip-flop between them. If you're going for shieldless, use swords because the sword mastery skill gives a defense bonus.
Player: alright, everyone, we're off to kill Draaien, the orc lord
Recruits: yes sir
Other covenant: (player covenant) is weak. ATTACK!
more covenants: we smell blood in the water, ATTACK!
game: the guilded coin are raiding (player covenant) the shining blades are raiding (player covenant) the black raiders are raiding (player covenant) (player covenant)'s life stone is threatened (at 75%)
Player: *&%#
Draaien: hey, where did they all go?
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