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I very like this mod, but I have a question: did anyone play this longer?
When i play some hours
I am start randomly kicked out of the game.
When start crashing, have more frequent crash. sometimes half an hour, sometimes 5 minutes.
even if I stay on the menu and do nothing (clans and monsters are fighting in the background)
Oddly enough, it also crash me out during the pause.

the console shows some critical errors in this mod.
"Unknown CharacterStat name Disabled"
"Unknown DamageType name"
"Unknown StatusEffectType name"
"Unknown StatusEffectType ArmorAuraFriendly"
"Unknown StatusEffect name"
"Unknown SimpleEvent name"

I search this lines using notepad++ but everything is only in
zombasite.exe except "ArmorAuraFriendly" This one line is in Mod files and delete it "fix" error in debug console.

Do you have the same problem?
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