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I absolutely have to take offense on that comment on gouging people from their money even though that really has nothing to do with me. As a fellow programmer I do understand the level of commitment to take such undertaking and I do have a rough idea of the lines of code a game like Din's Curse requires. To say that Din's Curse is done with falsehood in mind is not only laughable but extremely offensive. These sort of opinions do not represent the majority of people here and that sort of behaviour, coming to question peoples motives for what is basically their livelyhood, is distasteful in extreme. If this person really runs a gaming site, I sincerely hope that I do not ever go there.

Why not just ask for a refund in private is beyond me. Why make a public scene out of it. Yes, people like different things and I understand when someone says that game like Din's Curse is not for them but why make a scene about it. It seems such pettiness.
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