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Originally Posted by hornedry2k View Post
Its only my Opinion. I like the Genre, i like Games like this but here i dont can see a good Story. I dont can see that the Maker has make it with same Love to Games like in Kivi. I am CEO on a German Gaming Site and i will write this in my Review / Preview.

On Kivis UNderworld you know - there is a Start , there is a End. Here - nothing! Only Grinding, Grinding, Grinding. And for Grinding i dont need to pay 20-30 USD. I can download a Free MMORPG and grinding until i die. For that i dont need a Game that cost 30 USD.

Btw: Is it allowed to give the Key away as Gift? I deinstalled the Game and i dont want play it anymore and my Editor dont like it, too. So we not want play it in Coop again. Or can we get Money back
Its a mater of taste. Dins curse is not traditional RPG with set story. Its (at least i see it like that) game in vein of roguelike rpg's. Whole point of the game is dynamic randomly generated world. Not a story.

If you purchased a game expecting preset storyline, i can see you are disappointed. But its a different game
new developments in Pattaya

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