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Very cool!

Suggestion for the current implementation (if I understand it correctly):

Rumor is the one thing that applies to the entire race regardless of how big they are (I guess espionage too, but it's more minor in the game). As such, it would be good if there was some reason to plant more than one spy on a huge race -- it should take more than one planet spied on to sway a multi-planet race. I don't know that there's any mechanic for that right now. Using a spy rumor on one planet should therefore have a very small effect on a huge race.

Alternatively, the spy points should recharge relative to how many spy planets divided by total race planets you have on a race. This may be a better choice, so the player doesn't get frustrated by having actions with no visible effects. This will also fix any issue with espionage (stealing technologies).

It's also important to keep in mind the balance between spy networks and paying for the actions directly without spies. If you're going to keep the latter around, you may want to raise their cost even more or reduce their chances further: they're a last-ditch effort when you can't afford to do things the 'proper' way with spies, and as such, they're likely to fail. If they're cheaper or easier than spies, then spies won't be used by players.

Also, now that spy networks are in the game, it would be nice to give some bonuses for them in the relevant skill trees.
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