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On the Clan Screen - the red x does nothing.

Sometimes Guards are dropped at 5+ levels over my current level.

When unidentified Guards are dropped, why does it tell me their level?

The new gate vulnerabilities in town - they're not listed on help or on help overlay or a mouseover of the town protection screen

Why is a button for "retraining mode" on the Other Clan menu?

Mystic Brotherhood was attacking a recruit out in the wilderness....

Interesting Ideas:

How do gate enchantments work? Just on the gate itself, or on the guards at that gate? It would also be interesting if the gate extended its bonus to the guards that are stationed there.

What if a cleaned up abandoned town with recruits left alone in it eventually spawned a clan?


I had to kill a monster whose honorific was "the Scout Master" -- all former boyscouts will be scarred for life.
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