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some minor stuff:

- would be nice be able to give clan members a focus in the main clan management screen, rather than having to open up individual clan member's screen. In fact, pretty everything clan-related should be able to be done on the main clan screen. Some contextual pop-up menus would really help here.

- I'm getting the taunt message spam from my nemesis when he/she/it acquires a new item. Fires about every second, nonstop for about 30 seconds. Then takes a break and begins again.

- is there a way to extinguish fires? I feel so helpless watching my village burn down. I suspect an ice mage could do it... but any solution for my rogue?

- Happiness seems to go down really fast for NPCs that are part of your party, presumably because they are getting injured a lot and are in danger and have to sleep on the ground rather than in their home. All very understandable, but kinda gets in the way of gameplay. Would be better to find a sustainable way to keep the party going with a consistent membership... or is the idea to force you to keep swapping?

- it's possible to solve quests for a clan you're at war with. Seems odd, WAI?
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