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I been doing same as scrobot, bringing items back to clan first then salvaging. I was selling items through other factions and i had enough money for my skills so for up to level 12ish but now they patched to not have skills cost money so i think the money issue is a non issue... Probably mostly for buying items from other clans now or merchants.

My biggest complaint so far with item handling is how when you give items to your clan, not only does space bar not work at this time to quickly move items from your inventory to clan equip area, but items that get replaced or they don't need get dropped on ground. Any chance that it can check for room in our inventory first before dropping to the ground?

I was briefly confused first 5 seconds trying to exit but figured it out, thinking only thing may make it better is to just put exit button in middle of screen and put other info away from middle of screen instead, right now you hit exit, see a bunch of stuff, then like what? then you find exit button below that.

I didn't know how gates worked as well trying to drop gate item onto gates but then i see a description somewhere saying gates are installed by the pedestal, not sure if it was one of help topics or on tooltip of gate, probably was a help topic that popped up when i first found a gate or i looked up in game help to figure it out, i'm sure people will get it in short time by looking at pedestals or reading the help topics or looking up the manual. Long term solution may be to make a button next to gate or something that is clickable just like pedestals and allow you to access the same screen as clicking on pedestals, but i'm fine with way it is currently.
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