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Default Um....what?

Just gave the Depths of Peril demo a try. The game has so many unique twists you can barely call it a diablo style game anymore. That's great! Finally.... a developer who wants to use their brain when making games.

I tried hard to like this game. I really did.

But, this diplomacy thing. It's just so impossible. I try to suggest a non-aggression pack or some small thing. It's the greatest insult anyone has ever heard. What do I need to do to make it possible? Give them my life's savings along with my first born child along with several quarts of blood, sacrifice my wife and give them my daughters? Um, no. Why the incredibly high demands? It's ridiculous.

Plus, while I'm playing, my diplomacy rating with everyone seems to fall so quickly that I'm wondering how you make work at all.

Obviously I'm a newb to this game and have nary a clue. This diplomacy thing is starting to tick me off.

Just played the demo. Diplomacy looks impossible to me. AI convent demands to "make this work" are just way too high. How do I make diplomacy work?
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