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I think everything I worte for the game is in the game. I'd have to check with Steven to be sure. Also, most of them are up on the website (but not all of them).

I'm itching to write more stories for the Depths of Peril world, but the problem is that I want to write stories of what happens after the 4th war. Crazy stuff! I should just suck it up and take a step back in time. Stop thinking about what's next.

I love Zombie Deadfall! Steven and I wre talking about the different kind of zombies and how it'd be cool to show them in a short story. Also, Steven wanted Turen to be a mini-boss, which didn't make sense to me being that he was tied to Ciglio's will. He loved killing, and without having to struggle against it, he seemed fairly independent. I began to think about what he would do if he wanted to be free of Ciglio, and Zombie Deadfall was born.
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