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Smile Good work :D

I really enjoy with this little demo.. good work!

Some random ideas:

- translations: open translations to community will really make your game more famous! (i'm from Italy, for example )

- combat animations: kivi only use his sword.. i think that more, more and more attack animations will be the difference!

- another bonus:

-- why not a small-teleporter bonus, in a random direction?
-- a fake kivi that can explore doungeon, like a shadow?

- using of 3d: graphics are good, but why you don't include in the game more 3-d elements? For example: a top-down trap that you can disarm (ehy! disarming trap is possible?) or if you fail, kivi fall in another sub-level?

- rotating walls: not only "illusion wall", but if kivi push on a wall, the wall rotate

- destructible enviroment: can kivi destroy walls? barrel is not enough for me! with a special bonuses, why not let kivi destroy walls, fireball-launch-trap or so on?

- combat movement: if kivi can push enemies, for example, into pit, or so on (mega-moster dragon-like that can with his wings push away kivi?)

- torch: is useful to turn on or off?

- when i see on the ground a bonus, i cannot see his descriptions.. can i drop bonuses?

- more secrets and SS ! :P

- more weapon.. and what about armor or something else equipment?

- a really evil trap: a trap that resurrect all enemies killed in a level, so kivi can look bak and kill again!

- point multiplier, for example: with a particular combo, i can have a x2, or x2.5 bonus multiplier

- i think that kivi's healt and mana will be stay on the bottom part of the game window, like in diablo, for example? (or maybe a ui customization )

- some npc that i cannot kill, but i can imprison ? using lever or so on?

- alternative path into maps!! not one only path. For example:

A -> B --> current level
A -> path choice -> C -> B
-> D -> B

I my choice was C path in one path, i cannot go back (a collapse in a cavern?). In another game i can choice for path D, and so on

- using secrets.. not only room, but secret path in a level!

- there is no award to find first time all secrets in a level?

- why not using internet to upload in a commond board my char, my awards and so on?

ok, stop
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