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In terms of support, as far as I can tell Kivi works on any potato. I don't think you'll have any trouble. As for the impression it makes, I think just getting eyes on your stuff is good. In fact, I think it's worth releasing it at a ridiculously low price -- $2 to $5. This automatically activates in people the idea that they're getting a bargain. You can also clarify that it's a Soldak classic in the description. The idea is not to make a lot of money here, but just to potentially find another market that'll become interested in your games.

You also need to make a developer page, like this one, especially because you have a sizable collection of games. This will let people follow you and be informed about new games you release. I'm sure Steam has instructions for developers how to do this. EDIT: In fact, here it is.

EDIT: Also notice how Pocketwatch uploaded their old games: "From the back-catalog of Pocketwatch games..."
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