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Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
The first Drox actually had Food, Minerals, Technology, and Money as resources. Some of it was not terribly visible to the player though and might have needed to be more drastic. Knowing that a race is getting almost all of their minerals from one planet would give the player some interesting options.
Yeah definitely. I actually sort-of forgot that was the case. Some UI showing a race's known planets and their basic properties would have helped with that, and I agree with making it more extreme.

In general, one thing that was hard to get a grip of was planets, since there were so many of them in aggregate. There could be a sortable UI (much like Zombasite's) that lists all known planets and their properties, and then the ones occupied by races and their properties. You could then see if a race you like has a mission to colonize a useful planet, or if an enemy race has a similar mission you could avoid. You could also see if your allies have specific resource deficiencies and then look for planets that could help with those. Within this UI, hovering over the planet would show you additional information, such as the quests available at that planet.
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