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*New stuff*
There are 4 types of special hits that have a chance of happening on every melee hit (2 can also happen on magic attacks). (risa)
The fps drop seem to be caused by those seed like things that spawn on the ground sometimes. (Nirimetus)
add Only Hope character option back in? (Calubob)
amorphs could have very high lightning + fire resistance (earth being resistant to lightning and fire). Characters wearing metal would have low lightning resistance (I actually wish you could go below 0 and be extra vulnerable, but that's a different story). Mages would be resistant to magic; fire mages highly resistant to fire (I know this part exists, but it can be increased for this game). Furry animals could be resistant to cold; etc. (Bluddy)
teleported and got stuck GotStuck.jpg (Espr)
autocontinue combat stuff, starting too quickly? (JackintheBox)
So, just to confirm, are level 9 Elite zombie dune scorpions supposed to have over 800 HP? (davidb11)
I just used 13 mutation points trying to get basic defense from classes and failed. (Update: 23 points in total now (davidb11)
I was having mana related problems with my assassin when I noticed that the Energizing Block effect didn't seem to change despite the skill being leveled up. (the status effect shows as level 1 even if skill is higher) (Logorouge)
Tweak relationships mechanics during raids - Just got raided by chaos clan. After killing very first attacker, got "the last warning" from clan that was friends with them (kinda like "stop attacking my friend, or you will pay"). (*Yuki*)
I'm almost certain LB damage calculation is wrong. I do 1.2M crushing with it, while whirlwind only does 67K crushing. (Same skill levels), no additional lightning damage equipped (Swal)
Unholy Vitality from mutation doesn't benefit from extra status time. (at least it doesn't when linked to Adrenaline) (Swal)
Mutation Heaing Aura doesn't affect the caster (Swal)
can't get to Timberland Rose.chr / Crowshield.wld (Espr)
Hex? - the warlock talent/skill It cost 6 point to use this skill. It seems veeeery underpowered and kinda useless. What am i missing? (AuraForLaura)
staves have lower spell damage than wands (Misfit)
BaseStaff - SpellDamageMultBase 0.01 / BaseWand - SpellDamageMultBase 0.02
still have some follower across win issues (Olowokandi)
altar stuck in wall - picture at (chesse20)
Evil pool gave me .3 poison damage per second as a debuff, don't think evil pool poison downside scales (chesse20)
Bug: Character Disappeared? I was creating a new map to explore outside areas, finishing the quest line, deleting the completed map, and creating a new one. After about 3 times, I created a new map and it started with the help screen. I closed it out to see I was a level 1 nothing. When I checked my saves, nothing was there. (Cutebleeder)
I have skills that lower it to 84% price to enchant, but price is still 100% (shown on item) (chesse20)
can you attack menchants that are being a problem? (BorkFate)
make sure quest monsters are spawning correctly in save_and_world.rar
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