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Originally Posted by oux View Post
So... Since Drox Operative 2 was release - what next? An expansion?
I am not a big fan of space sims, and I am interested if you're going to make a new action-rpg game. I read that you think to switch to another engine for good graphics and quality audio, and it would really be cool to create a definitive game with all the content on your old horse engine. Like Din's Legacy or Zombasite, but better.
Maybe a spin off where ya switch points of view & play the 4x aspect & try to go all Stellaris while NPC Drox Operatives trod all over ya... or help ya... or ignore ya, seemingly on a schizophrenic whim? The Races can't see Drox High Command orders after all... ;P (Imagine playing as an Emerging Race, go through all that trouble to survive & make it to the Space Age, then ya make it onto the Sector Screen ready to start exploring... just in time to immediately get a big face full of Drox-fired Doomsday Weapon suddenly parked right on top of your Planet & blown to smithereens just cause they had an invisible Drox Guild Quest to end your Race's existence... XD )

Another funny idea... a spin off where ya play as a fresh new face in the ranks of the Drox High Command & ya play Armchair General over the Drox Operative subordinates while engaging in Politics with the other fellow Drox High Command Brass. :P

Perhaps could make a Drox 2 DLC that rips off *cough* I mean, 'takes inspiration from' Deathloop, where Players can play Drox as is (Would act like Colt's play...), while other Players can play Player Versions of Bounty Hunters angry Races set after the Drox Operative! (Would act like like Julianna's play!)
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