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Originally Posted by The Coffee God View Post
Well, it's not really that I want it to be knocked off if stats don't meet the reqs, particularly during combat or just traveling around the dungeon.
As stated by others, that could not only prove hazardous to ones health, but could also lead to dissension in the ranks of co-op players.

More of what I was getting at though, was one really shouldn't be able to switch them out like that, if stats are boosted by the previous item to make the req and/or by stat potions.

Like it is if we don't meet the req in the first place, we should be stopped from putting it on, or at the very least, disable it so it can't be used if the reqs aren't met.
Originally Posted by Bluddy View Post
Yeah I think disabling the item is a good idea. There should be an icon on the side like the broken item icon, to let you know about the problem.
If ANY of this stuff is put into place, the requirements for BOWS and MACES NEEDS to be tweaked or those weapon classes will become completely useless in this game (moreso than they already are).

Better yet, get rid of the strenght & dex potions - cause as far as most players are concerned, helping you equip that one piece of hardware that's out of reach is the only reason those things are available.

Personally, I disapprove of either of these ideas.

THOUGH, making THAT part of the HARDCORE option gameplay would be fine (as I don't play hardcore). heh
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