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Originally Posted by m0stly_harmless View Post
If ANY of this stuff is put into place, the requirements for BOWS and MACES NEEDS to be tweaked or those weapon classes will become completely useless in this game (moreso than they already are).

Better yet, get rid of the strenght & dex potions - cause as far as most players are concerned, helping you equip that one piece of hardware that's out of reach is the only reason those things are available.
Looking at maces and bows, they really have very high requirements for STR and DEX, respectively. There's really no reason for them to be that high -- they're meant for classes that don't excel in those attributes. Priests have high SPR and rangers don't have anything particularly high, so I'm not sure why the numbers were set that high.

I'd say dagger stats are also a tad too demanding in terms of DEX, especially since most rogue classes can just switch to swords. At least the requirement is understandable for daggers since they are faster.
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