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The thing I'm not crazy about with putting all these options in hardcore or whatever, is that ultimately there's no unified game experience. I'll just give a few examples.

The fact that you can start at any level dungeon you want seems like a good idea -- it's so open. However, what that means, is that there is no predictable path that a character takes. There's no real difficulty curve to adjust. It's impossible to make an economy that's anywhere near a real element of the game since players can farm whatever level they want. The same applies to items.

Another element that exhibits the problem with making things optional, is hunger. It's in the game, but only as an option; probably very few players actually play with it on. If it was a full element of the game, it could be put in properly and adjusted to work with the other elements. Instead it kind of just hangs there -- not really useful, but too annoying in its current form to put as part of the real game.

This is why I don't think this should be another feature shoved into the 'checkbox' or 'hardcore' category. The gameplay is too fragmented as it is with a whole bunch of options that aren't really used much. Users expect that once their stats don't match items' minimal requirements, the items will no longer be usable. This is a basic expectation from just about all other RPGs. It should be part of the game. If there's a problem with this basic mechanic, that problem should be fixed. In the case of bows/maces/daggers, the problem is easily fixed.

I also think foods should be spread out over the levels and quality foods should disappear, as has been mentioned before. We have enough food types as it is. I think Shadow said that he couldn't change the value of the foods since that'll throw off current characters, but I think it'll be ok -- foods are temporary items anyway. In the worst case, people will discover that their current foods are of a different level than they expected. They'll go through them, and that'll be that.

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