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Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
That does mean you will only see that particular orc type at level 5, 30, 55, and 80. The levels can vary a little bit though.
1. How much can they vary? I've seen a variation of up to 3 I think.
2. What happens with all the types that spawn at levels > 25, which is where the difficulty level switches? Will you only see those types if you keep playing at the lower difficulty level past the switch point, or if you go down to deep dungeon levels at around level 25 towns?
3. How would it affect things if instead of giving exact levels to monster types, I gave ranges? So for example Creeping Brood would be from 5-11 instead of just being 5, and Lurking Brood would be from 11-16 instead of just being 11 etc.
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