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1. What about dimensional gates? They have a range of level 5 to 100. How does that work with the system of adding 25 per difficulty level?
2. How does the availability of monsters at certain levels affect spawn chance calculations? Let's say monster X can't spawn in level 5. Will X's spawnChance be counted when calculating probabilities for level 5, or will it not be counted?
3. I guess I'm confused about how spawning works in general. Here's how I imagine the process to be:
a. NumMonsterTypesToUse monsters are chosen per dungeon level out of the available monsters at that level and using the InitChance of monsters (which is almost always 1).
b. Those monsters are initialized throughout the level given the density desired.
c. Monsters are spawned as they die based on their SpawnChance, from the pool of monsters available at that level without regard for the monsters chosen initially...? (I thought only the 4 monster types chosen could spawn, but then MonsterFog, TemporalFlux etc would never spawn).
Is this the process or am I getting something wrong?

BTW I'm pretty certain there's something wrong with Scree spawning and I can't figure out what it is. They should be spawning almost as commonly as imps, but I almost never see them in the game. I'm not sure if I've ever seen them spawn, and I definitely haven't seen them in the early levels where they're supposed to be.

EDIT: OK figured it out. ArchetypeFiend is missing in world.gdb.

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