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Originally Posted by Bluddy View Post
I have noticed this issue now. I think it only happens under certain circumstances: when NPCs have 0 CP and you give them a small amount, it seems to jump back to 0. This may be them spending the money right away on food. Since the quest is most likely to get them out of debt, that doesn't happen until they're past 0 (I think). The second option is that it's a decimal fraction thing. In any case, it didn't seem to happen for me in higher levels, when you donate bigger sums of money.
Yes, I did notice once I got higher than level 8. Actually, when they get down to zero or less, the problem still pops up unless I donate twice, ie. get them over 5 coppers. No biggie. Thanks for the help. I never get my characters over 21 levels by the way. My ol' mind and reflexes can't take it when it gets higher.

Gah! That reminds me, birthday next month - I turn 67. Wonder if I should start lying and say its the 38th anniversary of my 29th birthday?
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