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Default Helping the mage classes

This is in response to points that were mentioned in the armor absorption thread by Crisses, and elsewhere as well.

It seems like the mage classes are still weak, even after having monster resistances lowered. It's not a huge surprise: fighting chars have stronger weapons, stronger armor, their attacks go up in with their stats, and they then have their skill points free to complement their fighting as they choose.

Mage characters, in contrast, need to use every skill point to upgrade their powers, just to keep up with the monster HP. They can rarely afford to diversify their skills. And they have no way to defend themselves.

That's not all bad. I think mage characters are supposed to be tougher to play with. In full RPG games, they're support characters, after all. Still, I think they deserve some affirmative action.

Here are my ideas, in order of easiest to least easy to implement:

1. More skill points per level. They deserve them since skill points are the only way they really fight. I suggest, for starters, a 'Gifted' passive skill for each magic tree giving 33% more skill points. A full mage class will therefore gain 2x the normal skill points (from 3 trees * 1/3), while a hybrid mage class (e.g. ice mage/necromancer) will get 166% of the normal skill points etc. Not sure it's enough, but it's a start.

2. Crisses suggested making cloth armor have more enchantments as compensation for its weaker armor. I think this is a good idea.

3. Buff up defense spells. They don't seem substantial enough.

4. Make spells go up with intelligence. This should be done only after option 1 is used since a) it's harder to do and b) option 1 will already affect mages' power quite a bit.

I'd really like to see at least option 1 implemented.
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