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Thumbs up 1.022 Skills, Suggestions, Questions and possible bugs

Great Game & Great Patches! I have the following alive characters: L94 FireMage/Hunter, L49 HC Shaman/Hunter, L47 Gladiator/Paladin, L32 Healer/Necromancer, L26 IceMage/Druid, L26 Conjurer, L14 Wizard, L12 HC Assassin/Archer, L5 Warrior

Skill Suggestions:
1>Since the Shaman's 4 Resist Skills give a fixed amount, you're investing skill points in a depreciating asset (5FireResist at L5 is worth far more than at L75)... the higher my L49 HC Shaman goes the less attractive these skills become (I have 0pts in Resists). Maybe they could also (or instead) offer a +x% boost so they don't become obsolete at higher levels? At L91 my FireMage/Hunter had 280FireResist = only 33%FireResist so spending skill points for 5Resist isn't worth it. The same is true with the Druid's EarthLink regarding Poison Resist, but at least that has a small life bonus too. I'm not sure how the monster resists work so I can't say about Curse of Vulnerability. The +2Resist from Elemental Masteries is also effectively nothing, but that's not their main benefit.
2>Greater Heal & Area Heal (& LesserHeal?) have a drink sound effect which worries me that I may have accidently drank a potion instead of casting the spell. Could that sound effect be changed without the drink sound?
3>In v1.011 Cooking Skill causes the "Meeting Quest" to fail if you cook one of the 2 monsters meeting. Not sure if this fixed in 1.022.
4>Fire Elemental is a great 1pt wonder, but I couldn't see anyone ever spending 9+pts for a small boost to a 30sec summon with a high recast time limit. Since he moves/attacks slow, he's just a decoy. In comparison, I have a lethal L28 Fire Shield (worth hundreds of skill points) I can cast anytime.
5>Maybe have Lightning Swarm list "total projectiles" instead of "increased projectiles" so you know what you're getting before dropping points in... if possible.
6>Defensive buffs with short durations and long reuse times (HolyShield, MagicShield, & especially IceArmor) are annoying since you often don't know when you'll need that extra survival. And IF I escape a bad boss in HC I don't like waiting 30+secs for a survival buff. In comparison, the Shaman's Hardiness gives stamina, life regen & tons of real life(which can be healed in the thick of battle) while lasting 5minutes & can be cast anytime on anyone. Thus, my IceMage & Healer have 0pts in IceArmor & HolyShield, but my Shaman has a L15 Hardiness (over 100 skill pts). IceArmor now gets +10secs per level, but that still leaves it too annoying to use for most the game IMO.
7>Many Mana Skills (Infuse Energy, Concentration, Mana Regeneration Spell, etc etc) seem of limited use given the ease to find mana regeneration on items. I've never felt the need/desire to take any of these over L1 and in mid/late game I move them to L0. Items with mana regeneration are less hassel, free up a skill slot & free up skill points. 2min duration & 5min reuse time only makes it obsolete even faster. Or maybe mana regeneration on items are too powerful?
8>Lesser Heal is redundant/obsolete from Greater Heal & Area Heal. You could easily swap out Lesser Heal for another skill/spell. Like a spell that summons an altar that heals or something... something different.
9>When my IceMage/Druid shapeshifts (for the faster run), his glow from his caster gloves moves to his butt which when running shows quite a comical image as the glow also leaves a trail behind. Working as designed?

General Suggestions:
1>Sometimes I die so fast I wonder what *damage type(s)* killed me. Is it possible for the damage from my deaths to somehow be logged such as "...killed by xyz monster (1000physical, 500fire)" or logged on a *.txt document outside the game?
2>The Druid on the main webpage ( lists the Druid with "Bonuses: Higher mana per spirit", but in game the Druid doesn't receive that or at least the icon doesn't display.
3>My Fire Elemental too often dies, ironically, from his own fire... his fire catches a door on fire which he stands in & dies. I would think all elementals would have very high resists to their own element (possibly immunity) and maybe vulnerabilities to opposing elements (fire/ice).
4>The Stoneskin text says it "decreases damage" (like Barkskin so one would assume armor), but it increases defense (less likely to be hit). Working as designed?
5>In MP, exiting causes only the host to keep the map of the dungeon so perhaps the host's initial map could be shared with other players when restarting a saved game?
6>In 1.011 whenever I saw undead urchins (raised from the dead via liches/totems?) they never moved. I'm not sure if this is fixed in 1.022 yet.
7>In 1.011 Life Steal worked on cave-in rocks. I'm not sure if this was fixed in 1.022.
8>Maybe have a "+Faster Search/Identify" mod on items. The guy I play with refuses to search dead bodies & armor/weapon racks now because it takes too long (compared to killing x creatures which will drop items). I always shoot/bash chests now for the same reason (item breaks are rare). Or the Thief could be made more attractive if his Treasure Hunting (or another skill?) included this "+Faster Search/Identify".
9>Faster Cast Gloves turn my IceMage's hands orange/red like heat. Maybe a more neutral color (white?) or random color or based on character class? Not a big deal I guess.

1>Cold Mastery helps only cold damage on shatter or the physical damage too?
2>Magician's "Magic Critical Hit" from Arcane Focus improves "Spells Critical Hit" as written in the stats or only magic damage?
3>It seems MaxHealthHealed doesn't include regular heal potions or spells?
4>If standing in water increases fire resist now, does that include outdoor rain?
5>Stunning Blow gives a 10% increase to 2%base => 0.2%. So why would players spend points for a 0.2% stun increase? Does a weapon with +300%stun increase mean 2%=>8% then StunningBlow raises it to 8.8%?
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