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Originally Posted by kizune View Post
I have maybe found a little bug i think, it looks like it's possible to donate a item to a planet and getting reputation(+0.03) for that donation but you can instantly buy it back for another reputation bonus(+0.10).

Don't know if that is desired in that way or it's a bug?

Edit: oh... sorry i see we have a "bug"section in the forum. Please dont hit meee. xD
Well, to be fair, I dunno if IotA Bugs belong in the IotA Forum or the Bug Forum myself, or if they can belong in both at the same time.

With that said, I think that's a bug... I think the correct thing that's supposed to happen is that taking back the Donation is supposed to lower Rep by the exact same amount as the Rep was given, thus making the Rep the same as before the Donation.
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