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Originally Posted by FloodSpectre View Post
I've been working on the same town for the past 5 hours with my current character and this is by far my longest lasting, most difficult town ever. I started as a level 25 Defender/Paladin and chose to start the town as a level 30 or so and on Fast Pace.

This place has killed me 3 times thus far (only 2 deaths previous). I've killed at least four bosses, and I think a minimum of 12 NPCs have died in town. The town has been attacked at least 6 times, often with an assassin and a scout simultaneously. The Warmaster died once and I've finally brought him back, and the bosses down below keep forming groups of Elites.

I think I might just beat this one soon though... I just need to recruit a new weaponsmith so I can turn in a mandatory quest...

EDIT: Put some screenshots from this town in a Photobucket album.
I know how you feel. I have a paladin/weaponmaster that made like 6000+ kills and made it all the way to level 30(or so) before coming to a town above the Torment Tomb. I think I died like 8-9 times in there. It was amazingly, wonderfully awful. It really seemed like torment as there seemed to be every possible bad thing there. More monster traps than I have ever seen before, and all seemed to be placed perfectly...perfectly evil. Granted, I did have it on dangerous monsters, so that made it worse, but still wow.

Cool pics, btw
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