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Ignore the idea of reskinning the character for the moment, just in a pure stats/techniques discussion, how would the archer balance, what moves would the archer have, what class would they be based off?

And how do you expect to tackle the idea of there not being a single bow in the entire game? What about ammo?

Neither of you is a very good modder by your own admissions, I expect this to be a serious piece of work, the first thing I recomend you do, is to make a plan of what you want out of the class, then decide which class is the best base, because of the the moves available I'd say archers would need to be mages, but if you wanted more of a ranger class the rogue is a better choice.

Once you have a plan you can start asking more exact questions and have a real goal, as it is it doesn't sound like you have any ideas what you want from the class, you just think it would be great to have(which is admirable, I guess).
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