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Information Trading

- Planet information
Maybe you can offer the races to offer you planet information, and I don't mean individual planets, but all the planets in a system, where the planets are and what race they belong to. If the trade form is a pact, the information updates as they revisit these planets. Maybe a two-way Free Info Pact where they'll just share vision and exploration of all their planets and ships.

And well, it's kind of weird when they ask you to protect a planet, but don't tell where the planet is, apart from which system it's in. Maybe if your relation is high enough, they'll tell where the planets are that need help.

- Quest details from system
When you hover over a system's name on top of the minimap, it tells you all the quests for that system, but unfortunately you can't see their details from this. It'd be helpful if you can, for example, click the name to bring up a list of these quests where you can browse the details also.

- Exploration
I don't know whether individual races have their own map exploration, but it'd be great if we can buy (and maybe sell too) map exploration. It's the space age, after all, informational transaction should be commonplace.

- A new spy service (from race) that reveals where all the planets of a race is.
- A new service that provides temporary buffs your ship. Buff varies according to the race.
- Maybe you can loan or borrow money to/from races?
- Transaction to have one of their ship become your party member, maybe temporarily, can be cancelled and lose relation if it dies
- A way to see how much credits your tributary have contributed.
- A summary on the galaxy on some information that carry over, like what races are already extinct (especially non-random ones), and maybe their power ranking and relation to you
- A traveling vendor may sell you a beacon to call them?
- Portal/wormhole making usable item, use them on 2 places to link them with portals
- "Monster factions", when a monster type have had too many uprisings, bosses that are not acted upon, they become a full-fledged race, but works differently from the usual races. They're much more aggressive to races and the player and strong and can quickly become a serious threat to all the races, and practically impossible to do diplomacy with (extremely hard to get on the good side of).

When a monster group is about to become a monster faction, there'll be a notification and a quest as one final chance to prevent it. The quest can be a boss or fleet of their monsters on a planet, which they will make their base if the quest is not done.

Once a monster faction is formed, there will be similar quests every so often as they are aggressively expansionist, they will often attack race planets and they may also make the race planets they destroy as new bases. Their ships can be elite tiers of the monster type. One boss will guard each of their base planets, and one or more superbosses who wander and lead attacks are in charge of their faction in general; the more there are of them the more often they spawn more ships, attack race planets and expand, if you defeat all of them they will not do those things until a new superboss is eventually promoted from one of the guard bosses (and a new guard boss is spawned).
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