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Originally Posted by Verdusk View Post
I disagree with 300 being too much, I always cap my speed on 300 and still frequently use the thrust boosts, otherwise exploring would take too long making the game boring. And I already play in Settled with 6 races sectors + very fast pace so that I don't have to explore for too long before running into something.
Sounds like you're really allergic to exploration. I think if we can buy planet locations from friendly races, that takes care of that problem.

In general, I don't think the entire speed aspect of the game should be planned around reducing exploration time -- that means the combat and everything else that matters has to suffer just because some people don't like the time it takes to find stuff. According to that logic, we should cap speed at 500 and just let you cruise across the map in seconds. I think 300 is already a very frantic speed that doesn't let you do much in terms of planning, not to mention the fact that missiles can't possibly hit you already.
If my other suggestion of reducing turn rate at higher speeds is implemented, then 300 can be kept, and the Drakk would just be able to turn well at high speeds.
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