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Default Bluddy's UI Mod

So I decided to try my hand at a UI mod. Why, you might ask, when you have choices like MellowUI? Well, there are certain things I wanted to improve:

- It's really important to be able to monitor your Mana, HP and Stamina levels, especially if you're using my Balance Mod. However, all 3 displays are in the corner of the screen, making them hard to notice without shifting your gaze to that corner.
- You also need to be aware of skill cooldowns, but those are nearly impossible to notice since they're at the bottom, and your attention is on other areas of the screen.
- I don't like how the extra 10 skills pop out, eating up more screen real-estate.
- On the other hand, there's no need to have your bags constantly displayed on the bottom bar. They're part of your equipment.
- Certain imperfections, like the way the target's label is stretched out, annoyed me.

At the same time, I didn't care about some other things that the other UI mods had.

So here's my attempt at a UI mod -- get If you have the expansion, use as well. Just stick the first file in your Dins Curse/Assets directory, and your second file (for the expansion) in Dins Curse/Expansions/Demon War/Assets. It's almost certainly incompatible with any other UI mod, and it requires version 1.024 or later of Din's Curse.

This mod:
- Moves the HP, mana and stamina bars, and status effect icons to the bottom where you can see them easily.
- Moves the bags slots to the equipment screen (and adds a bag icon for when you don't use all the slots.)
- Enlarges the player status effect icons so they're more noticeable.
- Moves all of the buttons above the skill slots.
- Fills the whole bottom of the screen with 18 skill slots.
- Removes the extra skill slot bar since it's unnecessary.
- Touches up various textures, like the wooden texture used for most menus.
- Moves all character info into one window, so you can see everything about the character without going back and forth between the character windows.
- Changes the color of all in-game buttons from blue and purple to shades of brown and red. (This part is a work in progress. If you have better ideas for a color scheme, let me know).

BTW I had a version where the targeting info was at the bottom, making the bottom of the screen the go-to location for any critical info. Unfortunately, the bug that makes the targeting info flash on and off repeatedly which is present in 1.024 makes this configuration unbearable.
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