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Originally Posted by Amberjoy View Post
If the thumbnail snap is any indication of the color changes, I don't like it. On my screen it looks like..umm..poop. If you must use brownish tones, please change it to something else or a different shade. Just downloaded the two mods and will see if it's as bad as the thumbnail. Rest looks interesting. I, too, was bothered by the stat bar being in the upper left corner and I kept forgetting about it until it was too late sometimes.
I think it actually looks worst in the title screen: the title screen has so many buttons, it basically relies on them for the color scheme, and this is the place where the blue buttons actually work IMO. However, the blue and purple really doesn't match the color scheme or the ambience of the game in general. The theme of the interface tends to be wood and metal, so I was looking for colors along those lines.

If you have any suggestions with regard to colors (especially after you see the color in the game itself) feel free to let me know.
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