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I had a mission to rescue someone and it said they were surrounded by monsters or something along those lines. I finally got close, fed him a precious healing potion, started killing monsters around him. But he had lost all his morale and was panicked, so he ran away while I'm trying to rescue him. Of course, that triggers more monsters. So I'm using the quest locate feature chasing this guy around the area map and all he's doing is awakening troves of critters intent on chasing him. Every time I catch up, he's surrounded. This happened like 4 times before I caught up to him and he died before I could kill the monsters around him. He had traversed the length of the area, then headed in another direction. It will be in my Let's Plays.... not a shining moment. Can I get a "Make person unconscious" potion or something? A bravery potion? That was stupid. Seriously when I started killing the monsters "surrounding him" he should have cowered behind us, not fled through monster-populated woodlands. Taking fight or flight a little too seriously.
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