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Things were pretty uneventful until I was level 3 and caught zombasite 1 that quickly escalated to zombasite 2. It took several potions to shake it. I recruited Sauncer (ranger) and Teague (death knight). But Teague is a quartermaster, so I sent him home to help out with the gardening that was going on at home. But I quickly picked up Groverlangu to my party (priest), so I've got 2 good adventurers to watch my back.

I got a couple traitor quests in town to find who had let in a scout (but there was no scout attack -- am I still getting crossover of other town quests in the .12 patch?) -- EDITED -- oops I may not have INSTALLED the patch. That would help! and so there's 2 traitor find evidence quests and I can't find the evidence, and there was no attack and food is piling up so who's poisoning what?

Ended the night at L6 and only spent skill points on the treasure skill.... been one-shotting a lot of critters, but I haven't gone too far yet. Lots of quests satisfied, unpetrified the other clan member, so I have a relatively healthy clan right now except 1 of the traitor quests expired, and the other is still open regarding the scout....dunno....

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