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Bud was always getting into trouble as a kid, so the life of a rogue seemed like a natural one for him, so he and his two troublemaker buddies Olin and Low called themselves the Nightshades. How they ended up in Sanbrook is still a little fuzzy, as is how that idiot Low managed to get himself petrified - and what? he has madness too? Bud angrily mutters that if he didn't need Low's sorry butt to get out of this mess it'd serve him right if he left him like that. Luckily the cure for both was in the very first area.

Rescued Nadine but she turned out to be Rice the spy - Rice the deceased spy now.

Bud realized the gravity of his task when he saw how many bodies needed to be recovered just in the Expanded Jungle of Storms (2).

It took Bud until level 5, but he finally got Low cured of both petrification and madness. Bud then decided that Low may be too much of a liability in the party and left him to guard the fort.

Talinda is taunting Bud and he's getting annoyed.

Discovered the Eviscerators in Ulftis. Bud didn't get the warmest of greetings, but remained optimistic about gaining their friendship. Sure enough, a few minutes later they offered Nightshades a non aggression pact.

Discovered Fang in the Expanding Jungles (6). Bud got a much warmer reception this time, which didn't last long since they apparently had a problem with Nightshades dealing with the Eviscerators. This may become problematic as Bud just got a mutual protection pact with them.

Rescued Gret, a demon hunter, who presumptuously joined the clan without being asked.

Bud got a mysterious message about the Reptilian Terror wiping out the Frenzy. Who are these guys? Never heard of either one.

After getting mericilessly verbally abused by Talinda, Bud had enough and goes after her in the Expanding Jungles (5). She messed with the wrong rogues. Bud and Olin take care of her without breaking a sweat.

Recruited Bole, a ranger with flaming arrow, to the party. Unfortunately, he hasn't found a bow to his liking yet, so his skills are going to waste at the moment.

Bud received another mysterious note about the Order of the Moon being eliminated by monsters. Never heard of them either.

Ah! Now we know who the Reptilian Terror are. Met them in the Expanding Jungle of Berries (4), and found their home in Marlo.

Fang *really* don't like the Eviscerators - Several times Fang calls on Bud to break his treaty with the Eviscerators. Bud decides that since both clans are weaker than his, he can wait and see how this plays out. He finds out quickly - Eviscerators cancels all pacts with Nightshades.

Accepted a non aggression pact with the Reptilian Terror, and Eviscerators reconsider and renew their non aggression pact.

Zombie parasites keep invading Sanbrook. Bud is concerned.

Discovered the Demon Spears in the Expanding Jungle of Berries (4). Not warmly welcomed, but their 3.25 power rating puts no fear into Bud, with his 21 power rating.

Bud picks up a stage 1 zombie infection in Expanding Jungle of Berries (4), but cures it relatively easily with only three health potions.

Fang declares war on Nightshades. Bud decides he's taken enough crap from these guys. He raids successfully and gains 16 food.

After the raid, Bud is level 9 with 4 clanmates, and is a long way from any victory condition. His power rating of 21 is best (boxes filled in), with Reptilian Terror second at 8.
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