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So funny, I assume if I'm rescuing someone they're ALREADY part of my clan -- I mean why would I be running around putting my neck on the line for complete strangers? lol Which is why it annoyed me that I'd go through the trouble of rescuing someone and them just fade away and disappear. Like "HEY, where you going? Am I gonna have to rescue your donkey again later?"

But it might be better if we get the normal ask moment when we rescue them. Like "Take into clan" vs. "Send on their way."

For a tiny world it took a LONG time to find other clans -- that may have been because I was on the wrong patch at first. I think they're adventuring more now (per the .912 patch change log).

I ended at level 10 last night with a dozen or so clanmates. Some strangers aren't showing their skills when I click on them -- so I just don't adopt them. I also have been letting people without homemaking skills go by the wayside. I have a couple trappers and butchers, a fisherman, a couple farmers, a quartermaster, some weaponmakers with other skills like cooking, etc.

A couple just got married, several people are at 200 happiness -- unprecedented --and we're hovering near the rationing line in food production. Someone was causing problems in town, I just let them go. Bye.

The 2 people in my party are on notice for having no other useful skills other than adventuring, but they're helpful with ranged attacks and buffs -- so I've kept them around. And they've curiously never gotten zombie infections where I have several times. Hey, if they're extra-resilient, I'll keep em.
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